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      • Cool-Snap fabric rapidly cools down & stays cool as long as there is moisture in the fabric.
      • Cool-Snap's unique fabric features "Cool Comfort Technology" by 32 Degrees
      • Cool-Snap provides instant cooling refreshment during any strenuous activity, sport, work or play
      • Cool-Snap is a revolutionary lightweight cooling fabric
      • Cool-Snap becomes COOL when activated by WARM water
      • Cool-Snap keeps you cool and comfortable for hours
      • Cool-Snap wicks moisture away from the body
      • Cool-Snap can be activated over and over again
      • Cool-Snap has no additives, chemicals, no batteries
      • Cool-Snap provides extended cooling for relief from extreme heat or exertion
      • Cool-Snap can be machine washed and air dried for easy maintenance
      • Cool-Snap can be printed with 4 color graphics


When do I use Cool-Snap?
Whenever you are in hot or extreme conditions. When you are playing your favorite sport,
at the beach or watching your kids soccer game.
Any time when you need to keep cool.

Is Cool Snap Eco-Friendly?
Although Cool-Snap fabric is not currently made from recycled fibers, it is printed with eco-friendly water based inks and helps
keep you cool without electricity or refrigeration. There are no chemical treatments, additives, or other enhancements to the fabric.
The cooling is made possible by the type of fibers we use and the special weave of the fabric.

How does Cool-Snap Work?
Cool-Snap employs an enhanced evaporative cooling process. What does that mean?
When water evaporates from any surface, it naturally causes a cooling effect.
Cool-Snap technology enhances this effect by trapping and recycling the water in the material.

How long will the Cool-Snap towel work last?
Cool-Snap towels rely on the weave of the material and the type of fibers, not chemicals or additives. Cool-Snap towels are
re-usable and renewable and keep working for a long time after initial use.

Is Cool-Snap good for relieving hot flashes?
Absolutely. Symptoms vary from person to person, but people who suffer from hot flashes experience anything from a mild feeling
of warmth on the face or neck to a very intense heat that spreads across the entire body. There are many different causes for hot flashes ranging from Menopause to Multiple Sclerosis. Cool-Snap can provide instant relief from those uncomfortable symptoms.




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