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We would like to help the troops get a brief break from the severe heat in which
they operate every day.

Cool-Snap only requires warm water to activate and can provide cool comfort for a
soldier over and over. Anytime they want a way to cool down and refresh, they will
appreciate your donation of a Cool-Snap towel.

For every towel you purchase for the troops, part of the profit from the sale will
be donated to Operation Troop Aid to help purchase other items to include in
the care packages.

To purchase a towel for the troops, click on the "Add to Cart" button that is next to the Operation Troop Aid logo. *

For regular towel purchases, click on the "Add to Cart Button" that is not next to the Operation Troop Aid logo.

Work Out Towel



Fierce Desert Heat
One of the many hidden enemies that soldiers face is the brutal desert heat, with temperatures in early May rising to as high as 100° Fahrenheit
(38° Celsius) during the day. In June and July temperatures rise much higher (more than 120° F / 48° C). These high temperatures are bad enough without having to wear combat uniforms, helmets, and body armor. The uniforms are designed specifically to protect soldiers on the battlefield or while on patrol. Unfortunately the uniforms can be hot and uncomfortable in the unrelenting heat increasing the danger of heat exhaustion and dehydration. An additional way for a solider to combat the heat will be a welcome addition to their gear.


Shipping via UPS Ground
1-2 week delivery time:

1-5 units = $7.95 / 6-10 units - $9.95 / 11-50 units - $12.95

Payments accepted via PayPal